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    Tokyo Ghoul:re CALL to EXIST- New York Comic Con trailer

    Revealed via a new trailer, Bandai Namco wants to keep your interest high for the upcoming anime game Tokyo Ghoul: re CALL To EXIST. This 3rd person survival action game allows fans of the series to fight their war based on the series central conflict between Ghouls and Investigators. So choose your sides wisely people!

    More characters to boot

    Here are a few new characters announced including Kaneki, Amon and Touka in this new trailer from New York Comic Con:


    Expect more characters to join in

    From the original series all the way to √A and :re. Each character will have differing abilities from the Investigator-Quinx Squad military style or the menacing Ghouls to fight through the enemies in this horde-ish survival horror title.

    This game has been slated for Europe and North America release for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019. No exact dates at this point of time but do stay tuned for more info.

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