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    Third-person action game, Sifu delivers a kung fu action onto PS5, PS4, and PC

    Parisian independent studio Sloclap (Absolver) unveiled its new game during Sony’s PlayStation State of Play. After the success of the multiplayer hit Absolver in 2017, Sifu intends to explore the themes of revenge and redemption through a kungfu-based combat system. It will be released this fall on the PC Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

    Teach me your ways, Oh wise one

    Sifu echoes the vibrant intensity of kung fu movie classics, with raw and realistic combat. It tells the story of a young apprentice who has spent his entire life training to avenge his family, brutally killed by a mysterious squad of assassins. Hunt down murderers one by one through dark gang-plagued suburbs, shady alleys, and cold, disembodied hallways of office buildings. Your adaptability and your science of positioning are the keys to your success, and you should use everything at your disposal to magnify the millennial culture that is expressed through your movements.

    Sifu’s unique gameplay finds its essence at the crossroads of two popular and established genres, blending the timeless intensity and thrill of beat’em up with the abounding freedom of third-person 3D action games. In a fictional Chinese city, you will lift the veil on an ancient mystery through a series of perilous confrontations that will put your talents to the test, to the limit. To reverse this desperate situation, you will have to rely on your mastery of kung fu, but also on a magical pendant that brings life back to life in case of failure. The counterpart is not trivial, since you will age significantly with each resurrection: time is the price to pay for your revenge.

    The ‘handmade’ visual style and washed-out color palette hark back to the great classics of kung fu film, where revenge and redemption perpetually intertwine to blend into the demanding gameplay of Sloclap, whose excellence martial arts expertise is well established. Sifu offers a unique playful approach to kung fu for a stunning solo adventure; a real journey to the essential.

    Kung Fu is the harmony between body and mind. Learn from your mistakes, unlock new skills, and find the resources deep within yourself to master the devastating techniques of Pak-Mei kung fu. Your family’s legacy depends on it.

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