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    Switch : The World Ends With You

    Nintendo has recently announced the return of a cult JRPG classic, the “Final Remix” version of ‘The World Ends With You’. Developed by Square Enix, this popular DS game comes updated with HD visuals with the following changes:

    • The combat system has added a new rhythmic aspect using Joy-Con or touch screen to give it a unique spin
    • New epilogue story that sheds new light on the storyline of the game
    • New scenarios for a fresh perspective with a new character
    • 2 player co-op mode
    • This game is only available in English voice version
    • New music tracks, hence the title Final Remix
    • New enemies


    So join Neku and his friends to save the world yet again within 7 days, in a life or death game taking place in Tokyo, Japan.

    This game will be out for Switch on October 16, 2018.
    *Available for both Physical and Digital Copy (Preorder starts now).

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