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    The Touryst, set to arrive on November 21st

    Developer Shin’en Multimedia has announced that the upcoming game The Touryst is coming really soon for the Switch via the Nintendo eShop, priced at $19.99 / €19.99/ 83.53 MYR. Below is the game’s previous trailer, do check it out if you have missed it.

    Come onto our island

    Well for starters, you have arrived on a Monument Island where you can play the arcades, dive into the sea, shopping, dancing at a beach party, surfing or even explore ancient mysterious monuments…

    Key Tourism Features

    • Explore the exotic islands and check out the ancient monuments.
    • Climb into deep mines and uncover secret passages.
    • Make the trip memorable, feel the sense of adventure and even make it enjoyable as a tourist.
    • With never seen before visuals ranging from 60fps and up to 1080p.
    • Have a pleasant vacation!.
    • Supported Controllers of Joy-Con, Joy-Con grip and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

    Book your tickets soon for Switch release on November 21, 2019.

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