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    2D adventure game Strange Telephone, dialing up for Switch release on November 7th

    First launched in PC on January 21, now publisher Playism and developer HZ3 Software further announces Strange Telephone is coming to Switch digitally via Nintendo eShop priced at 980 yen/ 37.83 MYR. The game comes with the option to support multiple languages ranging from English, Japanese, and Chinese.

    Players will be exploring a strange world as protagonist Jill as she is trapped in a dark world with only a floating large door placed before her. Aided by a telephone name Graham, she is able to create worlds using Graham by simply making phone calls. This worlds can be explored with items to be found that includes a key to her escape. Featuring the pixel art graphics theme with over 11 multiple endings while unravelling a hidden story.

    This game will be dialing up to Switch soon on November 7, 2019.

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