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    The Swarm Infests Warface on Consoles

    MY.GAMES and Warface team have shared that Swarm Season is now infesting on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and soon Nintendo Switch. The new season is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as a free update, with the Nintendo Switch following soon. Warface is a tactical first-person shooter, available for free download on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

    The new season focuses on the special operation named Swarm, which will unlock for players during the season. In a town on the border of the Mojave Desert people have mysteriously started to disappear. Intel suggests that alien lifeforms from Mars were held in a secret research laboratory. Naturally, the arachnid creatures have broken free and pose a grave threat to human civilization. It is now up to the elite Sigma-3 squad to eliminate the infestation. Squad members will need to escort cargo through enemy territory and defeat the hive-queen that controls the swarm. Team coordination will be vital for success.

    Swarm season features:

    • New Enemies. Arachnids are swift and dangerous predatory mutant insectoid creatures that prefer to hunt in the dark.
    • New Boss. The arachnids are controlled by a gargantuan entity that lurks in the depths of the underground complex. Players will need to bring extraordinary weapons to defeat it.
    • New Equipment. A flamethrower with unlimited ammo and an upgradable Unmanned Combat Vehicle.
    • 3 new maps for PvP multiplayer: The Free for All PvP mode now includes “Yard 2.0” and “District 2.0”, two popular maps from the Plant the Bomb mode. Also included, a brand-new “Tunnel” map for Team Deathmatch mode.
    • Updated reward system. Complete the Special Operation to unlock a box with seasonal rewards. In addition to the new system, 4 swarm-themed weapon skins are available to unlock.
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