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    HAWKED – Available Now On PC & MY.GAMES Launcher

    MY.GAMES recently released their new game HAWKED into Early Access. It’s currently available for PC on both the MY.GAMES Launcher and Steam.

    They’re planning a console release in early 2024. Alongside this release, they teased future developments for the game during the PC Gamer Show: Most Wanted Liveshow.

    To encourage participation in Early Access, MY.GAMES is running a ‘Renegade Rally’ campaign. Players who join during this period get free in-game content and a chance to win prizes, including a lifetime supply of premium currency. Details about this campaign are on their website.

    HAWKED is an extraction shooter set on a remote island named X-Isle. Players, either in teams of up to three or solo, aim to collect and extract Artifacts. This involves combat with other players and monsters, solving puzzles, and navigating traps.

    The goal is to be the first team to extract the Artifacts. Players can also gather smaller treasures and earn currency to upgrade their characters.

    The game emphasizes strategy and resourcefulness. Players gather weapons and ammunition for PvPvE encounters, using the environment and various tactics to outwit opponents. This includes setting traps and ambushes.

    Customization is a significant aspect of HAWKED. Players can personalize their characters with different apparel, hairstyles, and colors. They can also mix and match Artifacts, gear, and boosters. Artifacts, found on the island, provide passive bonuses and come in various rarities. Players can equip three at a time.

    There are also 16 types of gear, including boomerangs and scouting falcons, offering various playstyles. Gear and Artifacts can be upgraded using currency obtained from selling or dismantling treasures in the Riftwake, the game’s social space.

    X-Isle, the setting of HAWKED, is dynamic, with different parts of the island featuring in each session. The island has treasures and Artifacts hidden in booby-trapped temples and ruins.

    Players also face puzzles and dynamic events, like defeating a boss to secure its Artifacts. The island is set to evolve with updates, events, and seasonal launches.

    Further updates on HAWKED’s full launch are expected soon. The game is now available on both Steam and MY.GAMES Launcher

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