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    The Second Paid DLC Pack For Scarlet Nexus Is Now Available

    Scarlet Nexus is getting its second paid DLC Pack called ‘Bond Enhancement Pack 2” which is already available for purchase now.

    Much like the first one, there will be new costumes, weapon sets, and of course new bond episodes. There is also a new costume designed by illustrator and designer Daisuke Richard which will be included in this pack.

    In addition, the game will also receive a 1.05 update which includes a new game mode called “Battle Simulator”. There will also be new “Challenges” as well as new interactions that will further your bonds with your allies. There is also an “Exchange” tab at the shop which offers new plugins, colored and hooded customers, and weapons.

    The second additional paid DLC “Bond Enhancement Pack 2” is available now.

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