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    The New “Story Demo” For SCARLET NEXUS Is Now Available!

    Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that the new free-to-play “Story Demo”, which features the opening sections of the story of SCARLET NEXUS, is now available. In addition, a special interview with the game’s scenario writer, Takumi Miyajima, and comments by the designer of the Others, Masakazu Yamashiro, have also been released.

    Alongside these updates, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia also shares that SCARLET NEXUS has shipped and sold more than 1 million units worldwide, while the total number of players has exceeded 2 million.

    New free-to-play “Story Demo” is now available!


    Both protagonists, Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall are playable in this free-to-play “Story Demo”, which includes action-packed gameplay, and cutscenes that showcase the riveting story, bond-building episodes, as well as world exploration.

    In addition to the “brain punk action” elements of the game, in which the player’s characters can use psychokinesis and work together with the various psionic abilities of their allies, this demo version also allows the player to enjoy all the features of the early parts of the game.

    New Himuka, a futuristic world where science and technology have developed through the power of human brains.
    Defeat Other with psychokinesis, weapon attacks, and other psionic powers borrowed from your friends.
    Players can enjoy up to the end of Phase 2 of the full game in the “Story Demo”.

    What will be the fate of Yuito and Kasane, headed for missions of fighting against hostile brain-eating Others…?

    Carry over your save data to the main game

    Save data from the “Story Demo” can be carried over to the full version, so players can enjoy the rest of the game in the full version without wasting any progress in the demo.

    Demo bonuses are also available

    Players will be able to receive bonuses in the main game when there is saved data for the “Story Demo”. This includes:

    • Attachment “Bunny Ear Mask (Head) [White]”
    • Attachment “OSF Standard Issue Pack [Black]”
    • Plug-in: “Forcefield: Mk II”
    • Plug-in: “Power Enhance: Mk II”

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    Special interviews and comments from the creators of SCARLET NEXUS are also out now!

    To commemorate the introduction of the “Story Demo”, a special interview with Takumi Miyajima, the game’s scenario writer, has been released. Additionally, comments by SCARLET NEXUS’ designer, Masakazu Yamashiro, on the overall and individual designs of the Others, are out now!

    Thanks for 2,000,000 total players!

    Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is also pleased to announce that SCARLET NEXUS has shipped and sold more than 1 million units* worldwide.

    The total number of players, including the title’s loyal fans on Xbox Game Pass / PC Game Pass, has also exceeded 2 million.

    To celebrate this milestone and express our gratitude to our fans who have played SCARLET NEXUS, a new original illustration by concept artist Ms. Tamami Ishikawa is revealed.

    For more information about SCARLET NEXUS or other Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia products, please visit their website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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