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    The Razer Enki Pro – Ultimate All-Day Comfort

    The Razer Enki launched last year at RazerCon 2021 as Razer’s second chair lineup. It has since been recognized as the best gaming chair for all-day comfort.

    The Razer Enki Pro brings all-day comfort to the absolute limit. Building on the Razer Enki, the Razer Enki Pro is upholstered with Alcantara and premium sustainable leatherette for superior comfort and durability. Adding on to the dual-density cushioned seatbase in the Razer Enki, the Razer Enki Pro features a dual-density cushioned backrest as well, ensuring ultimate all-day comfort regardless for work or play.

    For more precision, the Razer Enki Pro features a recline dial allowing you to adjust to your desired seat positioning more accurately. The chair also features a magnetic memory foam head cushion for truly seamless head and neck support.

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