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    NecroBouncer, The Old School Inspired Rogue-like Dungeon Crawler, Launches Onto Steam In Q3 2022

    Developer Alchemy Sheep and publisher Ravenage Games are here to tell you about NecroBouncer, a wholesome game about a necromancer who works as a bouncer in a dungeon nightclub. To stylish music, he scatters tons of ruthless enemies that fill the halls and vanquishes evil bosses who decided to take over the club.

    Source: Ravenage Games

    It is a classic rogue-like game that skillfully combines retro style with modern features. NecroBouncer is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler where you have to go through winding corridors, clearing room after room of pathetic – and not so – enemies, to eventually clash in an epic battle with hardcore bosses, each with his unique style and mechanics. As a necromancer you don’t have to fear death all that much: if you perish in these halls, you’ll just emerge right at the beginning with pockets full of fancy stuff you collected along the way. Use those to get new abilities, and find more ways to achieve your goal. During each run – and we guarantee, there will be a lot of them – you get to play around with a huge selection of items so you get to make an ultimate build and different curses to spice things up a bit. Eventual tear of nostalgia rolling down your chin included.


    – Pixel graphics created by a fan of this art style
    – Dozens of game-changing items and abilities
    – Hardcore Bosses that will make you cry
    – Huge variety of encounters to do before you meet the Boss
    – Vast replayability achieved by selling the developer’s soul to the God of RNG


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