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    The Messenger is coming to the PS4

    Previously launched for Nintendo Switch and PC back in August 2018, this classic retro 2D action slashing platformer/ time travelling adventure The Messenger has been announced by developer Sabotage Studio and publisher Devolver Digital for PlayStation 4 release.



    Don’t mess with this ninja, he is a messenger

    All jokes aside, this ninja got his village besieged by demons. Hence, he needs to venture into a cursed world in order to deliver a scroll for his clan’s survival. This will then unravel into a time-travelling adventure with more suspense, and humour. Just delivering a message, that’s all.

    Don’t MESS with me!! or else it gets MESSY (screams in Japanese)

    Key message features:

    • Ninja your way into dynamic, acrobatic gameplay
    • Send a message by upgrading your character, abilities, hidden levels and branch out your paths as a ninja
    • Retro feel to the 8-bit goodness and 16-bit sprites
    • Memorable cast of bosses, NPC’s and villains, not to mention an original soundtrack by renowned chiptune composer Rainbowdragoneyes, handmade using Famitracker.


    The game will slash it’s way into a release soon on March 19, 2019, for PlayStation 4. Free expansion titled “Picnic Panic” is still in development and has been announced for release for summer 2019 on all platforms including PlayStation 4.

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