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    The M4 World Championship Hits A New Peak Concurrent Viewership Of 4.26 million

    The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M4) has reached a new viewership high of 4.26 million, with the highest number of viewers coming from Indonesia at 2.6M. Please refer to the following for viewership highlights:

    • It is also now the third-most-popular esports event of all time, with four tournaments that are now within the top 10, according to Esports Charts
    • Across Youtube, the M4 World Championship attained a new peak concurrent view of 3,028,495 alone.
    • Most viewers originated from Indonesia, up to 2,685,634 at a time

    • The championship has yet to end, with the most-watched match happening on Knockout Stage, Day 4 between RRQ Hoshi and Blacklist International – the two have been touted as the ultimate derby, with the players’ rivalry dating back to the M2 World Championship
    1. The last M3 World Championship had a peak concurrent viewership of 3.19m, with a 133% increase this year

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