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    Sky Gamblers: Afterburner Takes Flight on Nintendo Switch now

    Sky Gamblers: Afterburner, a jet fighter simulator by Atypical Games just released for Nintendo Switch will be the latest instalment to the award-winning Sky Gamblers series. With over 10 years of experience, Atypical Game managed to make Sky Gamblers: Afterburner a class of its own flight experience for Nintendo switch. This game features realistic air combat which is nicely rendered to match real-world scenes with the option to either play it in singleplayer mode or multiplayer modes. It’s available on the Nintendo eShop now for USD 19.99 (approx MYR 82)

    Sky Gamblers: Afterburner includes the following features:

    • SWITCH OPTIMIZATION – Controller compatibility and user interface have been worked from the ground up to deliver a streamlined, optimized experience for Nintendo Switch players. Pilots can steer their aircraft using Joy-Con controllers, Pro Controller and Motion Controls.
    • SKY’S THE LIMIT– Unlock, upgrade and customize the weapons and defenses of 30 contemporary and futuristic planes, each graphically enhanced for Nintendo Switch. Stick to real-world accuracy or cruise in an all-new creation from your own imagination.
    • AROUND THE WORLD – Soar over the majestic skylines of Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Hawaii and more, painstakingly recreated panoramas with real-world accuracy. Don’t let the view distract you, though – the skies, seas and SAM sites are crawling with armed adversaries at every turn.
    • ALL SYSTEMS ONLINE – Untangle a story of great bravery and despicable treason that spans the globe through the single-player campaign, or match up with (and against) the best pilots online in a number of competitive and cooperative modes including Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Defend the Base, Capture the Flag, Last Man standing, Survival and more.
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