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    Super Blood Hockey brings arcade sports and 8-bit brutality to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

    Publisher Digerati and developer Loren Lemcke are teaming up to bring the retro charm and pixelated violence of Super Blood Hockey to consoles. The frenetic arcade sports action of Super Blood Hockey will be launching for Nintendo Switch, though the release date still yet to be confirmed but expect around this April 2019 while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will follow sometime in Q2 2019.


    Rated 9/10 on Steam, Super Blood Hockey comes to the Switch including a new franchise mode where players will see a corrupt coach do whatever it takes to win the matches including drugs, pull the plug on injured teammates and recruiting players from prison.


    This game is an arcade sports game which get your adrenaline rush in a violent classic 8 and 16 bit ice hockey game. To customize the line up to take to the ice with the fast paced skills to dominate the field. The game can support until 4 local multiplayer and build your team in the franchise mode where with the right drug and diet you are set to dominate the season to be the champion

    “Super Blood Hockey is a love letter to the 8-bit and 16-bit ice hockey video games of my childhood, back when high action gameplay reigned supreme,”explains the game’s creator, Loren Lemcke. “Players can expect a modern reinterpretation of the classic arcade sports experience with the blood and violence dialled up to eleven.”

    Key Features

    • Use superior skating, positioning, strategy and blood-splattering violence
    • Take on the world in a global tournament, where failure results in execution
    • Varied challenges and scenarios, including Turbo Mode and 12 vs 12 Mega Rumble
    • Paint the ice with the blood of your friends in 4-player local multiplayer
    • Franchise Mode: Create, recruit and manage your own custom team of inmates in a futuristic world of dystopic blood sports
    • Enjoy the retro beats of an original soundtrack by chiptunist Shawn Daley
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