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    Bandai Namco teases a new horror game on a new spooky website.

    Bandai Namco has recently launched a mysterious website that gives an eerie vibe. There is nothing on the website right now other than a CCTV footage of a house in a dark gloomy setting. Summer Horror Project? That is what the google translate says after translating the original title that was written in Japanese to English. Among other visible things in the website right now is a label that says “domas-SCENE01” and a date indicator pointing at August 30, 2018. No doubt, the date means something, probably the day where more information will be shared regarding this project. Curiosity got the better of us so we decided to dig around some more.

    The rectangular highlight at the tab, when translated into English means “Summer Horror Project”.

    But ‘domas’, what does it mean? We googled different languages for possible clues and found the following.

    • Japanese (Spelled Doma) = A Dirt Place commonly found in traditional Japanese homes. Or the space between indoor and outdoor.
    • Czech (spelled Doma) = Home
    • Dutch = Twin
    • Spanish = To Tame
    • Russian = At Home

    Nope, still no idea. Although all of the above does sound pretty interesting if they are indeed related to the game!

    Not satisfied with the lack of information, we inspected the website’s source and found something interesting.

    Some translation was unclear which is understandable. But the word Zombie is pretty obvious. What we collected so far :

    • A Mysterious Site Suddenly Emerged
    • Coming this Summer
    • Zombie related
    • Possible relation to the word domas as listed above.

    This is as far as we get! If you have any theories of your own, do share it in the comment section below! Meanwhile, we’ll hang tight and see if there’s any new development on this website and what comes from Bandai Namco on August 30.

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