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    Subdivision Infinity DX- Launch Date Confirmed!


    Mark your calenders space cadets, as the Science-fiction 3D shooter Subdivision Infinity DX is coming on August 8, 2019, as announced by publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Mistfly Studios.

    Step into the cockpit and engage into space

    With over 30 story missions and sidequest to choose from. With a few space venture features below:

    • Fight in space with different enemy types from boss, dogfights, drones and more
    • Recover lost relics to build new ships, harvest asteroids, crafting and sell for profit
    • Select diverse weapons with the option for upgrade

    Get ready for space as your ship will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC  August 8 for $14.99/ 62.10 MYR.

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