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    Farming adventure with Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands shows off new TGS 2019 trailer

    Previously announced back in August 2019, comes more in-depth game-play of Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands, in collaboration between publishers, Merge Games and Rokapublish, and developer Lemonbomb Entertainment.

    Ship-wrecked, crops planting is a chilling experience.

    Dig up, plant, fish, interact with NPC’s and cook your way for survival in a mysterious archipelago. Thrive your farm as well as carpenting your way to build your own farm or camp, find treasures and fight ghostly pirates. All of this while finding a way to escape this cursed mysterious island.

    Key swashbuckling features:

    • Farm in this open-world filled with treasures and discovery
    • Cook for your crew and improve their Morales.
    • Find new recipes by experimenting with different ingredients.
    • Built and expand your crew’s camp.
    • Sail by a small boat or on foot to explore the islands for more treasures and tools.

    Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands is sailing for October 2019 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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