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    VR action-rhythm FPS Pistol Whip teased for Playstation VR release

    Cloudhead Games ltd recently whips up a new announcement of Pistol Whip aka Superhot VR John Wick game for PlayStation VR, set for release this coming Summer 2020.



    Be the 3D action Hero

    Like many action movies, the game will throw at you baddies, music, and explosive action scenes just to amp up the action with the freedom to shoot, melee, dodge to the rhythm depending on the player’s creativity.

    Key gameplay features as found on Steam
    • Pair the pulse-pounding pace of an FPS with the flow-state energy of a music game in a cinematic symphony of violence.
    • Form your rhythm and find your playstyle, from tactical to musical, then challenge your skill with friends and world leaderboards.
    • Infiltrate a fever dream of hand-crafted scenes, from bank heists to android uprisings, each uniquely designed to music.
    • Take it over-the-top with a variety of gameplay modes, such as Dual Wield, to enable the ultimate gun kata experience.
    • Constant momentum and comfort-first design allow non-stop speed without the fear of motion sickness.
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