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    Stadia Connect #1 – Announcement on Stadia’s Pricing, Games, Etc Coming Up In A Few Hours! Watch The Stream Here!

    No Turning Back Now
    Excitement boils as Google is set to launch its first Stadia Connect program, a series that gives you a look at Stadia news, events, new games, bonus features, and more about the game streaming service. Stadia Connect is going live at 9 AM PDT on June 6, or 12 AM GMT+8 on June 7 if you are in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong or other territories within the same timezone.

    Check out what we know about Google Stadia So far!

    On this first episode of Stadia Connect, Google is set to unveil the Pricing, Game Line-Ups, and Launch Info surrounding its new video games streaming service.

    The Stadia Connect Livestream will be Live soon [9AM PDT / 12AM GMT+8]. Readers can watch the stream we’ve embedded below when the time comes, or visit the Stadia Connect Youtube Channel directly.


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