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    Spiritfall Launches In Early Access

    Spiritfall, the 2D Action Roguelite + Platform Fighter hybrid, by Gentle Giant Games launches in Early Access on Steam now. Spiritfall is a 2D Action Roguelite inspired by Platform Fighters. With its beautifully vibrant, hand-drawn art style and powerful atmospheric music, players will traverse dangerous regions and unleash deadly combos as they battle against a multitude of enemies using an ever-changing arsenal of powers.

    The story follows the Omenforged, a warrior of unknown origin, who is chosen by the Divine Spirits to fight against the blight spreading across the land. Throughout their journey, players will encounter mysterious characters, forge and upgrade a variety of weapons, and unlock new skills and rooms to assist them on their journey.


    • Traverse dangerous regions and unleash deadly combos as you battle against a multitude of enemies

    • The Divine Spirits offer powerful blessings that enhance your abilities in combat, discover your favourites and experiment with unique builds

    • Forge, wield and enchant an arsenal of weapons that can be improved by your in-run performance

    • Enjoy the intricate characteristics of Rogue-like games such as randomized run generation and permadeath, but with persistent progression through an evolving storyline.

    • Death is only a temporary setback, reawaken stronger than before at the Sanctum and use gathered resources to upgrade your skills and unlock unique charms before continuing your adventure

    • Meet interesting characters on your journey! Some may return to the Sanctum and assist you. Others may not be as friendly…

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