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    SPHEROCIOUS – A New Adventure In The Brazilian Amazon Launching On Steam, August 8, 2024

    Set against the lush backdrop of the Brazilian Amazon, “SPHEROCIOUS” is an atmospheric platforming adventure game launching on Steam on August 8th, 2024. The game invites players into an immersive world where the fate of the rainforest hangs in the balance.

    In “SPHEROCIOUS,” players will explore the dense Amazon jungle, home to a rich and diverse ecosystem. The game’s narrative centres around Omi Aoki, a young Japanese Brazilian biologist who stumbles upon a logging company’s destructive plans.

    Determined to protect the rainforest, Omi teams up with Shinobu, a unique sloth character, and other native creatures in a thrilling quest to thwart the loggers.

    The gameplay involves navigating through pristine landscapes and ancient ruins, battling against corrupted AI-driven machines. Players will have a robotic assistant to help traverse the challenging terrain, using various abilities such as rolling, sliding, gliding, and bouncing.

    These skills are essential for manoeuvring through the game’s levels, where the primary goal is to reach the power gem swiftly while managing stamina and the robot’s power supply.

    “SPHEROCIOUS” is heavily influenced by other titles in the precision platforming genre. It emphasizes efficient movement and strategic planning, offering players a chance to climb the speedrunning leaderboards by making smart decisions about which abilities to use in different scenarios.

    This game is more than just a thrilling adventure; it’s a call to action, putting players in the role of guardians of the natural world. “SPHEROCIOUS” is poised to be a unique addition to the platforming genre, combining environmental themes with engaging, fast-paced gameplay.

    Players eager to take on this challenge and immerse themselves in the beauty and perils of the Amazon can look forward to its release on August 8, 2024, on Steam.

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