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    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MSC Rebranded To Mid Season Cup

    MOONTON has announced that they will be rebranding Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s MSC to the Mid Season Cup. The rebranding is in line with MOONTON Games’ Esports for Everyone vision to promote diversity and inclusivity. This means that the Mid Season Cup will be held outside Southeast Asia for the first time, with more participating regions including China and a larger prize pool.

    Fans can gear up ahead for an action-packed year that is set to showcase more third-party tournaments and events to foster greater inclusion and diversity. Throughout 2024, over 2000+ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang matches covering 55 countries and regions will be hosted by the respective MLBB Esports teams, professional, semi-professional, and community tournament organisers. This includes the Snapdragon Pro Series organised by EFG, MSC 2024, the MLBB Women’s Invitational, the M6 World Championship, IESF, and more.

    The upcoming tournaments for the year ahead will cover the following key regions: Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Middle East and North Africa, East Europe and Central Asia, Türkiye, Mongolia, the Mekong Region (Laos, Thailand. Vietnam and Brunei), North America, Latin America, and most excitingly – China.

    The M6 World Championship will feature the Wild Card Format yet again, alongside the Group and Knockout Stage. The international championship is set to return to Malaysia, where the first M-Series was held. The competition will span from November to December, featuring over 20+ teams from over 20 participating countries and regions, and over 50+ matches to be anticipated.

    As for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional Leagues and semi-professional tournaments, they will be held between February and mid-June, followed by August and October, serving as qualifying tournaments to officially sanctioned competitions.

    More details on MSC 2024 will be announced soon. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is available for download at the App Store and Play Store.

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