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    Side-scrolling action mecha platformer in Kickstarter – Eagle Knight Paradox

    Indie developer Playstormstudios introduces an action mecha platformer titled Eagle Knight Paradox where you have to protect a city from total annihilation. This is currently on Kickstarter with a $17,163 goal; currently in planned development for release on The game will be released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

    Game details as presented as shared on Kickstarter:

    Your decisions will determine the fate of the inhabitants of the city known as COMALA 88.

    Explore the city, make friends, build relationships, and protect those important to you. But be careful not to compromise the mission for your personal gain.

    Pixel Art & cool mechanics

    • Hi-bit hand-drawn animation with special attention to detail.
    • Combining pixel art with new era lighting and visual effects.
    • Carefully designed scenarios with different passing of time features.

    Action/Adventure platformer

    • Protect a whole city/spaceship and explore its multiple areas.
    • Develop different abilities to help you fight enemy bosses.
    • Find out secrets and unlock multiple endings.

    Destroyable environments

    • All buildings can suffer damage and even get destroyed with plot consequences.
    • NPC´s react differently according to the part of the city that is compromised.
    • Several progression trees that depend on the choices you make throughout the game.
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