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    Shadow Arena will be opening its Early Access gates this coming 21st May.

    Pearl Abyss has dropped the news regards of their upcoming spin-off Black Desert title, Shadow Arena. Beginning on 21st May, Shadow Arena will be entering the Early Access phase. This means players will have full access to the game ahead of its launch later this year.


    According to the developer, the reason for the Early Access is so that they could receive feedbacks and implement necessary changes and improvements. Furthermore, the Early Access will also be bringing a new Hero and along with numerous content updates that were based on feedbacks from the previous Betas.

    Shadow Arena is Pear Abyss’ take on the Battle Royale genre. The game features the capacity to host 40 players on the entire map with selection of various class based characters. The game boast with its unique action style gameplay and the ability to apply strategic play while on the battlefield.

    In addition, the game have been receiving a lot of traction from past betas. The recent one has greatly improved the retention rates. There have been an increased in number of participants from the previous test as well. Furthermore, the number of views through live-streaming videos on the official Twitch channel have also been doubled in its numbers.

    Shadow Arena’s Early Access will be opening its doors in 4 weeks’ time. The game will be available globally in Steam with support up to 14 languages including English, Indonesian, Thai, and Turkish.

    Moreover, you can join the Shadow Arena’s official Discord channel for inquiries, feedbacks, updates and more. Other social platforms will also be available to visit such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

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