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    Salt and Sacrifice revealed at E3 2021!

    Ska Studios revealed at E3 a new project titled Salt and Sacrifice, a successor to Salt and Sanctuary. Coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC in 2022.

    10 minute gameplay trailer below:

    Game details as shared on PlayStation Blog.

    Salt and Sacrifice expands on the world of Salt and Sanctuary by exploring a new era and region, as well as a new role: a Marked Inquisitor. A Marked Inquisitor is a criminal condemned, yet spared the hand of justice in exchange for a lifetime of service in the unending war against Mages: twisted, irredeemable creatures of elemental malice. Mages roam the world, summoning minions and wreaking havoc. Hunting a Mage is a multistage pursuit in which your quarry is just as likely to clash with rival Mages as it is with you.

    For those of you who have played Salt and Sanctuary, imagine pursuing The Queen of Smiles through the village: she summons two rotten crossbowmen, retreats, stumbles right into The Sodden Knight, scraps it out with him for a bit, retreats again, summons a bronze knight and launches a salvo of swords at you before retreating to her lair, where — cornered, desperate, fierce — she awaits you, for a final battle from which there is no escape. It’s a chaotic dance of blades and bolts, swords and spells.

    And while questions of which systems and themes will and won’t make the cut remain, one thing is certain: Salt and Sacrifice will absolutely have online multiplayer.

    Salt and Sanctuary had co-op that was intentionally obscured and as rudimentary as it comes: local only, same-screen. It was rough, but it was still adored. Because Shane and I are building Salt and Sacrifice from the ground up as a multiplayer game, co-op is much more intentional than it was in Sanctuary. There is a “full” co-op mode, playable online and locally, in which you and an ally can progress through the entire campaign together. Unlike Sanctuary, which only awarded progress to the main player, Salt and Sacrifice allows both players to share progress.

    Drawing inspiration from the Souls series, We also implemented summoning mechanics. It’s easy, seamless, and fast to summon a random ally, or join a random host and together embark on a perilous expedition. Sacrifice emphasizes exploration as much as it does Mage hunts, so you may get summoned to help a player explore a new area, or you may get summoned for the sole purpose of barreling straight into a tough boss battle. As Sacrifice takes shape, witnessing the impact of multiplayer on a world that is still rapidly growing in density and complexity has been a uniquely cool experience.

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