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    Announcing Rotund Takeoff, the Remake Nobody Asked For

    A two-brother team developer, Dahku, has officially announced Rotund Takeoff, a remake of precision platformer Chubbins in 2014 for the Nintendo Wii U. The decision to remaster an obscure, poorly-received indie game came about in a backwards manner.

    “We were happy with Chubbins at the time,” said Paul Burns of Dahku, “but there’s no teacher like hindsight. In 2018 we started work on a sequel, Rotund Rebound, wanting to give it everything the original lacked. But then Rebound grew into something different, much grander than we’d initially envisioned. We realized it would be better to first bring the original up to standard and reboot the series.”

    Here are the game details from its press release:

    You are Chubbit, a plump bunny plunged into a precision platforming nightmare! To escape, simply move left, move right, and master the nuanced dynamics of ceaseless bouncing!
    Playing well means playing fast, exemplified by the simple stopwatch HUD. Earn gold medals through speed and strategy to open map shortcuts and bonus levels as you journey across vibrant worlds toward the light of home!
    • One-handed controls minimize your learning curve amid hardcore gameplay.
    • Faster-than-lightning respawns snub failure to keep your game flowing.
    • Awaken your inner speedrunner with quick levels hand-crafted around Time Attack.
    • Feel the rush as you challenge intense bosses using nothing but brains and bounces.
    • Chiptune-infused soundtrack by Jarrel Lanchester immerses you in a colorful adventure of retro delight.
    Rotund Takeoff is a high-powered remake of the oft-misunderstood Chubbins (2014, Wii U). Faithful where possible, but retro-overhauled and packed with improvements across the board, there’s never been a better time to check it out!

    Rotund Takeoff has received countless new additions and quality of life improvements, and the graphics and music have been retro-overhauled, an aesthetic more in line with its old-school difficulty. Beneath it all, the unique and challenging speed-oriented gameplay remains deliciously faithful.

    Rotund Takeoff will be coming first to Steam and for Windows, Linux, & macOS in 2020 Q4. Platforming enthusiasts can try Rotund Takeoff for themselves in The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition, October 7th through 13th. Here is the announcement trailer for the game.

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