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    Unsual Platformer Rotund Takeoff is ready to be launch on PC

    Two brother developer team Dahku will be launching its hardcore “die-and-retry” precision platformer Rotund Takeoff on 21 January 2021 on Steam and for Windows, Linux and macOS. The game takes on the same genre as Super Meat Boy and Celeste but with fresh mechanics and a heavy emphasis on speed.

    “At first glance, it doesn’t look particularly fast,” said Paul Burns of Dahku, “and the simple controls tend to make players underestimate it. But your character bounces constantly and can pass through the terrain, opening the door for deep nuances of timing and momentum. There’s a fluidity to the motion, and once you tap into it, it’s amazing what you can do and how fast you can do it.”

    Rotund Takeoff is a remake of Chubbins (2014, Wii U), and has received countless new additions and quality of life improvements. The graphics and music have been retro-overhauled, an aesthetic more in line with its old-school difficulty. Beneath it all, the unique gameplay remains deliciously faithful, perfect for platforming enthusiasts looking for something different.

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