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    Rise of the Slime rolls out its charming deck-building this coming May 20th

    Rise of the Slime — the charming, cheeky, and strategic roguelike deck-builder developed by one sole developer Bunkovsky Games and publisher Playstack is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on May 20th following a successful Early Access launch. Dropped recently, a full demo is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam for players to try out, add to their wishlist, and preorder.

    “This has been my labor of love since 2018. It’s really indescribable how it feels to see the culmination of your creative ideas take on life, ready to be enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to our community for helping me bring this game to its current state – I’m really looking forward to bringing the lil’ slime out of Early Access on May the 20th and I hope you will enjoy the game and have some good times with it ^_^ “

    Maris Bunkovskis – solo developer of Rise of the Slime

    The demo on Nintendo Switch and Steam will include approximately the first 30 minutes of gameplay, as well as some extra content that hasn’t been seen yet in Early Access.

    About Rise of the Slime

    Rise of the Slime offers a unique mix of deep, tactical deck-builder gameplay with the chill vibes of a side-scrolling adventure. Help Slime overcome the odds by playing insanely powerful cards in turn-based, positional combat against a bunch of baddies—though you just might feel terrible dousing them with acid.

    With the help of fancy hats and pet companions to spice up your adventures, you’ll traverse beautiful and exotic lands, from sizzling fire swamps to toxic marshlands to a breezy unfurling garden populated by sexy radishes!

    In Rise of the Slime, you’ll experience:

    • Turn-based combat alongside real-time exploration, offering a unique mix of roguelike and deck builder.
    • Positional mechanics, matching your wits against enemies. Strategically quick step, push, and flip behind enemies to gain the advantage in combat. Use your cards wisely!
    • A visually appealing art style, with striking, colorful characters, cards, and environments.
    • Extensive replay value with gameplay mutators, shifting routes, and hundreds of deck build variations (100 magical cards at launch!). Each playthrough of Rise of the Slime is different!

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