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    Riders Republic Summer Is Coming For Season 7: Chillin’

    Ubisoft announced that the Season 7 of Riders Republic is launching on PlayStation 5*, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One (includes enhanced features on Xbox One X), PlayStation 4 (includes enhanced features on PlayStation 4 Pro), on Windows PC via the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, Steam, and Ubisoft+.

    Through new events, activities, and rewards, this new season offers an update to the title that will take Riders Republic to the next level. With a revised introduction designed to enhance the experience for new players, all careers will now be available for linear progression. Live areas will make way for the Ridge, a brand-new type of live event for Riders to experience.

    Within this season, it will be possible for newcomers via the introduction to understand the game more easily. Since the time required to complete the introduction has been reduced from 1h to 10 minutes, each player can experience the game as soon as possible. Moreover, when the introduction is completed, the careers are all available afterward, allowing players to manage their own exclusive history.

    The game progression will be totally different for Riders through this new season within the progression of careers. Now, all careers will be open to players as soon as they clear the introduction, allowing everyone to experience the game as they see fit.

    It will no longer be necessary to reach the threshold of stars or other requirements in order to practice their favorite sports on the Ridge. In addition, progress will be linear within each career in order to ensure that the experience is smoother, as it was for the BMX career.

    A brand feature live will be available in this season 7: live areas. The concept is very simple, a limited playzone with a score goal and associated weekly challenges.

    These areas will become gathering points for players to get as much thrill as possible with the objective of achieving a given score. Everyone will adopt their own strategy in order to earn the best rewards. These areas also allow players to equip the gear they want so they can try out toys for free, for example.

    Season 7 offers an exclusive experience of weekly LIVE EVENTS. In addition to having many new exclusive live events, new modifiers have been added to rediscover players’ familiar events. It will be possible to search #CHILLIN for a relaxing walk or to rediscover several favorite events of the players that will allow them to have other equipment, toys, twists, and many other surprises. As LIVE EVENTS offer exclusive weekly challenges to complete, players will be able to perform each of them to achieve the master reward.

    A new collaboration with SICK! and NINEYARD is coming (outfits available in the shop and seasonal progression). These collaborations offer unique new equipment such as FACTION signature skis, new BMX clothing from KINK and CULT, or a new model of VANS shoes.

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