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    Riders Republic Announces New Prada Collaboration

    Ubisoft announced that Riders Republic will renew its partnership with the innovative Italian brand Prada, celebrating one year of collaboration. Starting now, players will once again be able to discover this unique experience through the 3rd collaboration between Ubisoft and Prada Linea Rossa.

    This collaboration will offer unique activities and gear, including:

    • 2 new outfits, created exclusively for Riders Republic – The Chameleon, a suit whose color changes when the character moves, the Illusion, and the Fluo Illusion, black and white or fluorescent yellow that glows at night. This two-color set will be available in the store with soft currency, while the Chameleon outfit will be the player’s final reward at the end of the seasonal progression.
    • An early launch of the hoverboard discipline, with Tulip, a Prada design board. This hoverboard sports a colorful and futuristic style, with neon strips that will light up during the race. But there are a few more surprises in store! From week 2, the PRADA skin will be included in the pack with the 3 other different in-house skins as a bonus.
    • A new “PRADA UNLIMITED” event – Between adrenaline and contemplation, gravity and weightlessness, light and darkness, the unique hoverboard experience of the Prada Linea Rossa will take players on a new intense race in the Glacier region with unique FX effects. From the first week, players will be able to use the exclusive Prada Hoverboard and the Fluo Illusion outfit that will light up the event’s dark atmosphere.

    Having the opportunity to launch a new Riders Republic collaboration with Prada, designing sportswear and equipment that is authentic and new, for their Linea Rossa collection excites us – Ubisoft’s goal is to provide our players with a rich and diverse gaming experience, so we look forward to their feedback from this additional content.

    Arnaud Ragot – Game Director At Ubisoft Annecy

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