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    Ravenous Devils, the Psycho-Horror Cooking Simulator, Set For April 29th Release

    Crime does pay deliciously as Bad Vices Games, Italian indies working on their third major release, and Troglobytes Games, publishers based in Spain, are thrilled to announce the date for the full release of Ravenous Devils, their psycho-horror cooking simulator, on PC Steam, EGS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox One & Series X|S on April 29th! The Demo version is playable now on PC Steam.

    Inspired by the historic, creepy back-streets of 19th Century London, embark on a hellish quest with Percival and Hildred, a horridly-happy married couple, in the pursuit to fulfill their lofty ambitions of becoming the best tailor and eatery establishments in the city. Move over Sweeney Todd, there’s a new criminalistic duo in town!

    Source: Bad Vices Games

    Like Sweeney Todd in a Diner Dash Genre

    The key to success? Loyal (and delicious) clients of course! Once they step in, however, most never come out. Use Percival to slaughter shoppers looking for a new outfit, dropping their lifeless bodies through a hidden trapdoor, where Hildred’s concoctions of meat pies, sausages, and steaks made out of human flesh are served on a platter, unbeknownst to those who have the twisted pleasure in eating them. The leftover clothes? Percival will mix and match, patch them up, and flog them as his own fashionable garments.

    Will you be able to continuously point and click to alternate cooking, stitching, cleaning, upgrading equipment, and expanding their empire, or will the blood on their hands become too much for them to hide?

    It is safe to say that this gory pair will go down in history as… Ravenous Devils.

    Key Features:

    • Sharpen your fast-paced Point and Click skills
    • Experience truly Gory gameplay
    • Upgrade your equipment, cook up new recipes and develop your shops
    • Meet authentic (and often grotesque) characters, inspired by 19th century London Personalities, in a game rich in Story and Narration

    “We always try to push the boundaries of the gaming sphere with the titles we develop here at Bad Vices Games, and we couldn’t be prouder of our latest horrifying endeavour with Ravenous Devils – Our previous releases have already raised more than just eyebrows, but Ravenous Devils is our greatest venture yet. The combination of the point-and-click simulation experience, the bloody story and gameplay, as well as old London’s infamous ambience, have culminated in an experience like no other. We can’t wait to see everyone get their hands dirty!”

    Cristian Gambadori – Game Director at Bad Vices Games

    “Ravenous Devils’ mixture of horror, cooking, simulation, and micro-management, intrigued us from the very beginning, and it gives us great pleasure to see the game being so close to hitting the virtual shelves – For all gamers with a strong stomach for blood and gore, the incredibly fun gameplay loop and upgradables will definitely keep you hooked like it has us!”

    Saverio Caporusso – CEO and Game Designer at Troglobytes Games

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