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    Blind Fate: Edo No Yami Gameplay Teaser

    Developer Troglobytes Games and publisher 101XP presents a new gameplay teaser for Blind Fate: Edo no Yami, an action platformer starring a cyber samurai protagonist. The game is slated for release on PC this year.


    Gameplay details as shared on Steam:

    Welcome to the New Edo period, a dark era ruled over by cyborgs and merciless machines!

    You are Yami, a blind cyber samurai in service of the Shogunate meant to protect civilians from monsters and bloodthirsty robotic abominations. It is your duty to bring the Shogun’s justice to the wicked by carrying out your master’s orders without question and eradicating all of his adversaries.

    Set out on a thrilling journey across an exotic world where outlandish landscapes are inhabited by bizarre robots and the most frightening creatures from the Japanese folklore.

    Cut a path through the darkness with your deadly katana and the shots of your devastating hand cannon to discover a startling truth that lies beyond the confines of the visible realm.
    Look deeper and you might find roots of unexpected evil in the heart of shadows…

    — The Way of The Samurai

    Yami is a samurai demon hunter. Following the path of an honorbound warrior, it is his duty to not only destroy his master’s enemies, but also protect civilians from bloodthirsty robotic abominations.

    — Shadows in Motion

    Continued survival will require you to learn to detect danger using sounds, vibration, and heat emissions. Heed your senses and strike at your foes when they least expect it!

    — Weapon Combinations

    The thin blade of your katana and the heavy hand cannon perfectly complement each other in combat: alternate lightning-fast strikes with incinerating firepower to destroy anything that stands in your path.

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