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    Race Into Bullet Hell Cyberpunk Arena With Gripper

    Vroom Vroom as developer Heart Core brings in some bullet hell heat with Gripper as you GRIP & RIP bosses on a motorcycle fast-paced action RPG in a post-apocalyptic world. Gripper is slated for PC with no release date yet.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    You are a cyber biker None deeply stuck in your mother’s mind. Rush through surreal biomes filled with living nightmares, creepy tunnels, and brutal bosses who hold the keys to freedom. Explore dark worlds with the help of your faithful operator. If you lose the loved ones will die.

    Try a unique mechanic — grip everything you see, throw it at your enemies and rip them apart. Gripper challenges you to kill bosses in an unusual way. Rage, grip and speed is all you need.

    Vroom-vroom, furious biker! Gripper turns boss fights into hard-boiled gameplay with increasing difficulty. Crush through mechanized enemies, monster trucks, giant arachnids and cunning snakes. Crush the boss to gain a new ability and drive to a more dangerous one.

    Fight hordes of creeps and modified bosses in the Nightmare Mode. Upgrade your special abilities to become a more efficient weapon of war. Discover new collectibles to reveal the mystery behind your family.

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