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    Action RPG Gripper announced for current gen consoles and PC

    Developer OctoBox Interactive recently announced the next action RPG Gripper for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC for the 2021 launch. The Demo version will be available on PC on August 6.

    Said to be a prodigal son of Mad Max and Zelda

    Dive deep into the world of machines and the story of human love, forgiveness, and betrayal. In Gripper, androids celebrate “Burning Man” by burning men. Literally. That’s why all inhabitants bear a physical injury of one sort or another. You and your deaf sister are no exceptions. The two of you live peacefully on a farm until someone comes and burns it down. Now, your sister is missing. All you have left is your car with a hook. The time to learn how to kill with it is running out. Music: “Hold your heart” by Kill The Barber!

    Detailed features below as shared on Steam:

    • Take on the journey of a hero named None and follow the voice of his sister — a deaf singer.
    • Tear your enemies apart with a hook and finish them with their own weapons.
    • Discover and rip away the hearts of 11 colossal bosses to gain new abilities.
    • Explore 11 bizarre biomes which will form a vast and majestic world right in front of your eyes.
    • Fly through 11 nightmarish tunnels to the beat of incredible tracks by KillTheBarber!, VEiiLA, Under This, Yamila, Mezzanine, pqQp.
    • Solve puzzles and decipher the codes of Garbage Collector to reconstruct world history.
    • Immerse yourself into the retro-waves and tunes of mini rhythm games.
    • Collect all hidden statues to reveal the skeletons and tragedies of each character.

    Gripper is our personal story of loss. We turned it into the game to let it go. We hope it will help you too.

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