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    PUBG MOBILE Launches Special 4th Anniversary 3-Episode Variety Show

    Celebrating its 4th Anniversary, PUBG MOBILE launched its new variety show that guarantees laughs and excitement among fans of the game as it showcases their favourite icons taking part in quirky challenges around the Sunway Pyramid mall.

    Starring 12 popular PUBG MOBILE icons Master Ramen, J Hunter, OTG, Yakuza, EmiMohamad, Soultann, FattahZie, Raa Suzuran, Miss Rose, Fiera Fendi, MunaXmoci, Nunaa, and Sharina Richie, the first episode of the show is now available for viewing on the official PUBG MOBILE Facebook and YouTube channels. The consecutive two episodes will be airing on 17th April and 24th April respectively.

    Divided into three teams of four, the 12 individuals will need to complete several missions around the mall. The final challenge would be the Battle Royale Mode where the team emerging victorious will walk away with a Redmi Note 11 Pro and other special prizes for each winning member.

    In the first episode, the PUBG MOBILE icons shot different coloured balloons to determine the teams they were destined to fight alongside. Master Ramen was chosen to lead the Black Team which he called the “Dream Team”. The well-balanced in abilities Blue Team was headed by FattahZie, while MissRose was elected captain of the girl-powered Green Team consisting of small yet powerful members dubbing themselves “kecil-kecil cili padi”.

    The teams navigated through an obstacle course using Xiaomi smartphones sponsored by the third largest global smartphone brand, Xiaomi. The 12 PUBGM icons were tasked to complete various challenges at the “Airdrop Stations” to collect nerf gun weapons and ammo, as well as life balloons needed for the final Battle Royale Mode Challenge.

    As part of its 4th Anniversary celebration, PUBG MOBILE held an exclusive screening for the show’s pilot episode at the event venue on 3rd April 2022 for fans who visited the roadshow event at the mall’s LG2 Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid. The roadshow was organised in collaboration between Tencent Games, PUBG MOBILE and Xiaomi, as well as Codashop, one of the largest and most trusted top-up websites for games and online entertainment in Asia and beyond as its official top-up sponsor.

    To find out which team was crowned champion with Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, head over to the PUBG MOBILE official YouTube and Facebook pages to catch the next two episodes of the variety show!

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