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    Oliver Ye (PUBG Mobile) On Creating Infinite Opportunities For Fans And Pro Players

    Crafting narratives in Esports that resonate and maintain audience engagement is no small feat. This challenge was at the forefront of the presentation by Oliver Ye, Head of Southeast Asia Publishing & Esports at PUBG MOBILE, at Gamescom Asia 2023 on October 19.

    Ye’s talk, “From Zero to Infinite: Building a Sustainable Esports Ecosystem for Southeast Asia,” provided an analytical look into the mechanics of the Esports ecosystem. He discussed optimizing competitive structures to reflect the varied stages of Esports advancement across countries, focusing on the connection between game development and the expansion of game data, essential for a balanced environment for all involved parties.

    Detailing the crafting of engaging Esports narratives, Ye emphasized the three foundational elements: The Stage, Script, and Actors. “The Stage represents the Esports system, the Actors are the pro players, the Stars our audience sees on stage, as well as the countless people behind the scenes,” he explained. According to Ye, developing an intriguing script requires managing diverse confrontations.

    Interaction with the fanbase is a key strategy, as Ye highlighted: “We are constantly observing and joining in our local fans’ conversations – to see their latest reactions and buzz about our Esports scene. We can never escape from the ‘hot’ topics or comments that initiate lots of engagement and divide the community of fans.” He underscored the significance of grasping current discussion points to connect effectively with fans and generate content that evokes the rich history of PUBG MOBILE Esports.

    Ye advocates looking beyond superficial analysis and traditional displays of statistics. “More than just the standard use of data and statistics, PUBG MOBILE Esports has covered more than just rivalries and fan art of our beloved players,” he noted, emphasizing the importance of steering fan ‘confrontations’ in directions that are both healthy and stimulating.

    He further touched on how PUBG MOBILE Esports assists teams in brand development, referencing teams like RRQ and BTR. “At this partnership level too, we have expanded our cooperation to more than just traditional mobile phone brands and FMCG brands,” Ye added, pointing out the strategy’s effectiveness in streamlining operations and enhancing local audience engagement through collaborations with local fashion clothing brands among others.

    Ye concluded with a nod to the future, hoping the insights provided would encourage the audience to spin their own engaging Esports stories. His presentation shed light on the multifaceted approach needed in the dynamic field of Esports storytelling.

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