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    Pre-Registration Opens for Award-Winning DRPG Soul Tide

    Pre-registration for Soul Tide, the award-winning Dungeon Crawl RPG is live now as announced by developer Ujoy Games and publisher LemcnSun entertainment. Initially released in China in 2021, where it won Best Anime Game at both the 2021 Vivo Annual Game Festival and the Game TeaHouse Awards. Now, Soul Tide is bringing its unique anime-styled adventure Gacha+Dungeon Crawl gameplay to the West.

    Source: LemcnSun Entertainment

    Soul Tide unfolds in a dark fantasy world oppressed by witches, and the world’s only hope is a group of mysterious Evokers and the powerful creations they control. A labyrinth brimming with magical power appears as if from nowhere, and only these Evokers can brave its depths to stop the witches from harnessing the labyrinth’s energy.

    The art is gorgeous, and the gameplay is in-depth. Together with kawaii heroines, the land shattered by an ancient presence is yours to explore … and yours to save.

    Genre: Dungeon Crawl

    As a gamer, have you ever been tired of smashing virtual buttons, but your mind is yet dauntless and your mood adventurous? Should you still want monsters slain, traps disarmed, puzzles solved, and treasures looted, Soul Tide is your answer. Dungeon Crawls date back to the early 1980s. They are known for their Challenging and fun designs, whereas Soul Tide has inherited such a concept to a very good extent.

    To dungeons deep and caverns old, we explore the unknown.

    The labyrinth is an ever-changing maze with over 100 random events and nearly endless ways to play. Soul Tide uses rogue-like mechanics to add an extra layer of challenge to those wishing to test themselves in these labyrinths, though its puzzles remain accessible to casual players as well.

    Combat & Customizable Builds

    As simple and old school as it may look at the first glance, the combat of Soul Tide is actually full of mechanics and strategy. Not to mention the ultimate animations! They are simply awesome!!

    Besides several passive skills and item slots, each heroine has 8 unique active skills that can be mixed and matched to create their very own combat styles. Additionally, there is no character rarity, which means you can always include your favourites in your lineup with no worries of them ending up in wheelchairs.

    With spells mighty and weapons sturdy, we face the darkness.

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