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    Dragon Ball FighterZ: New DLC playable character, Android 21 (Lab coat) Is Now Available!

    Bandai Namco Entertainment announces that the DLC, “Fighters Pack: Android 21 (Lab coat)”, for Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now. The Windows PC version of the game will also be released now. Do check out the trailer below introducing the new DLC playable character, “Android 21 (Lab coat)”.

    The DLC “Fighters Pack: Android 21 (Lab coat)”, which allows players to use Android 21 (Lab coat) in Dragon Ball FighterZ battles and online lobbies, is available now.

    Android 21 (Lab coat) has many special moves, such as being able to use long-range and barrier attacks – making her a versatile character that can fight in any situation. The “Mignardise Heel” is capable of downward follow-up attacks, which allows for a powerful series of moves. In addition, her special throwing technique, “Photon Pulse”, can lower the opponent’s attack power and increase the attack power of the players’ own move.

    “Fighters Pack: Android 21 (Lab coat)” content

    1. Playable character Android 21 (Lab coat) in white
    2. Six options for the colours of Android 21 (Lab coat)’s lab coat
    3. One Z-stamp of “Android 21 (Lab coat)
    4. One type of Android 21 (Lab coat)’s lobby character
    5. One type of player card header

    To play the content included in the DLC, you will need the full version of the game, which is sold separately. If you need to apply the latest update to your game, please do so before downloading the DLC.

    The Z-stamp, lobby character, and character colours included in this DLC also contain some items that can be obtained by fulfilling certain conditions in the game. Items that cannot be obtained with the application of this DLC will be added to the “Hoi Poi Capsule” lottery in the in-game store.

    In addition, the lobby character, “Android 21 (Lab Coat, Battle)”, included in this DLC is the same as the lobby character, “Android 21 (Lab Coat)”, that is already available in the game.

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