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    Port Royale 4 boasting new screenshots and sets sail for a 25th September launch!

    Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Gaming Minds Studios have released brand new screenshots for Port Royale 4 recently. The game is scheduled for release on 25th September 2020. The screenshots offer a deep dive into the mechanics and features of the game ahead of its release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A featurette video of the deep dive below:

    The newest entry in the franchise, Port Royale 4 invites players to join the colonial powers of Spain, England, France, and the Netherlands, and embark in a real-time trading adventure throughout the 17th century Caribbean. The game features the largest game world in the series to date, including 12 square kilometers for players to explore and examine in breathtaking detail using the game’s seamless zoom function. Players can also take advantage of an overarching world map to plot customized trade routes, navigate rough weather and shallow waters, and create a productive trading network across the Caribbean.

    Port Royale 4 now offers turn-based combat as to oppose the previous installations. Players can assemble a fleet and engage in maritime combat, protecting their wares from pirates, engaging in a spot of piracy themselves, or simply taking on rival traders.

    Introducing: naval battles! For the first time in the series’ history, combat encounters are turn-based, with up to 8 ships battling at once. Turn the tide with tactical captain maneuvers to ensure a glorious victory each and every fight.

    Game features:

    • Choose from four colonial powerhouses: England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, each providing different benefits and unique gameplay styles
    • Four single-player campaigns following each nation on a path to glory
    • Appoint a leader from four different character classes: The Explorer, Merchant, Buccaneer, and Pirate
    • Establish and manage trade with 60 Caribbean cities in a huge game world
    • Navigate cliffs, shallow waters, and stormy weather regions to optimize your trade routes
    • Choose from 50 buildings to produce goods such as rum and luxuries
    • Construct town buildings with neighborhood effects to optimize productivity and manage the happiness of your citizens
    • Sail 18 historically authentic ships from the late 16th and 17th centuries
    • Engage in tactical, turn-based naval battles with powerful captains
    • Unlock licenses, building permits, new buildings, and ships by growing reputation within your chosen nation

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