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    Rival Megagun, a PVP shoot ’em up coming real soon

    Developer Spacewave Software and publisher Degica Games has announced the launch date for its upcoming PVP shoot ’em up Rival Megagun. It will be multi language supported from English, Japanese (YES!), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean and Russian.

    Be the boss fight in your opponents game

    You can transform into a Mega Gunship Boss form to blast your rival aka Player 2 into smithereens in this unique and competitive twist



    This competitive split-screen match up allows you to transform into a boss in your opponent’s screen by building up your chain and unleash the fury. Whoever builds the chain fastest is the boss, so in a way, the boss fight is the players themselves as they fight the AI enemies.

    There will be multiple heroes to choose from, with their own special weapons and their own Mega Gunship form.
    Here are the game modes in the game:

    • Mode 2- player local
    • Single- player arcade mode

    Rival Megagun will be releasing on November 29, 2018, for Xbox One, Switch, PC and PlayStation 4

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