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    Review : Donut County

    Created and Developed By: Ben Esposito

    Published By: Annapurna Interactive

    Platforms: PS4 / iOS / macOS / PC

    Reviewed On: PS4 PRO

    Have a Garbage Day!

    Donut Country is a physics adventure game that just got released on the 28th of August 2018. It stars a racoon called BK who has recently taken over a ‘donut’ shop. A friend of his called Mira realizes that recently around town people have been going missing leaving only giant holes behind. It is when they both get stuck 999 feet underground with the other residents of Donut County that things start coming to light on what is the reason causing these sinkholes. Did I mention you will be controlling the sinkhole?



    What I Liked

    • Charm – It was just the right amount of charm from beginning to end that made me enjoy this game so much more.
    • Story – I really liked how it unfolded around a campfire and everyone just telling their individual stories on how they ended up there.
    • Characters – Even though they do not get a lot of time to shine, they all felt well realised. I especially love how well they all interacted with each other especially BK and Mira.
    • Music – I absolutely love the music in this game. From the menu screen and all the way to the end, every track is just so good!

    What I Wished Was Better

    • Puzzles – For the most part they are very nice, simple and creative. I did wish on more than one occasion they could be longer and more intricate.
    • Length – The game is on the shorter side as I finished it in almost 2 hours. Although It was a very entertaining 2 hours I really wished I had more, and that is a very good thing in my books.
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