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    Donut County : A donut without a hole… is just a nut

    In Donut County, you play as a Raccoon. A Raccoon that remotely controls a hole to devour everything you can think of. Your initial victims will mostly be limited to stones and pebbles. As you progress through the game, the things you devour gets larger in size, and so does the hole. It won’t be too long before your hole enlarges to a point where you’ll be able to polish off Donut signs, tree and even farmhouses.

    But of course, Donut County is not as simple as a reverse Katamari Damacy. As with most games, there are puzzles to solve and goals to meet. You’re required to make use of the objects you’ve swallowed to complete certain tasks. For instance, ejecting a frog to catch a bee or turn the grounded weather vane with a straw like object.

    Watch the trailer above if you find it hard to believe.

    This quirky physics based puzzle game launches on the 28th of August for the PlayStation 4. More information is available on their official website.

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