HomeNewsAction side scrolling platformer MO: Astray, announced for Switch

    Action side scrolling platformer MO: Astray, announced for Switch

    MO: Astray first debuted and released for PC via Steam back on 25th October 2019 with overwhelmingly positive reviews is now spearheading its way into Switch as announced by publisher Rayark Inc in collaboration with indie developer Archpray. Free updates such as “Timed Mode” and “Disaster Mode” will be added in Spring 2020


    Details of both updates found in Nintendo Soup:

    • Timed Mode: Displays the players’ gameplay time, as well as the start and end time within quests. Via specially designed interfaces and mechanisms, players will have a chance to take on a “speed run,” where players try to complete the game in the shortest time possible, comparing their runs with players from around the world to see who is the best.
    • Disaster Mode: For players who have already completed quests, they will be able to face even more difficult gameplay content including obstacles, game values, puzzles, and other evident changes. When players are playing this mode they will be able to experience the “evil” of the development team when they had initially imagined the quests by putting it back in the game. This will bring with it a much more intense difficulty level.


    You are playing a blob

    Like out of an Isekai/ another world anime storyline, you find yourself woke up in an abandoned facility as a green blob where humans have been taken over by alien parasitic plants and turned into zombie creatures. What’s more, there seems to be an eerie presence that’s watching all of this from the shadows. Who caused this disaster? And on this path that leads to answers for every unsolved riddle, what sorts of trials and tribulations lie ahead?

    Key Action Features:

    • Utilize sticking, ramming, parasitic takeover, and memory recall to navigate the otherworldly, sci-fi environment.
    • A meticulous pixel art style accompanied by super-smooth animation, effects, and immersive soundtrack.
    • Use your mind: Wait, observe, plan out your path and use special abilities wisely. Find a way out.
    • MO: Not just any jelly-like organism! Use MO to the fullest to survive in this sinister environment.
    • Unlock the story: Collect key materials to delve deeper into the world and unravel the mystery…

    At the current moment, the date for the Switch release is roughly in early 2020.

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