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    Our Community Picked Their Top-10 Most Anticipated Games Launching in Feb-May.

    We have just gone past a month in this spanking new year and we already have some in January such as Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Journey to the Savage Planet just to name a few.

    We are into the second week of February now and while there are plenty of games, not all of them have actual release dates yet and with many games getting the “delay” treatment. But anyway, we have decided to ask our community for their Top-10 most anticipated coming in the next 4 months and they came to us with their feedback on our Telegram group.

    Disclaimer, this list itself is not be seen as a ranking of sorts but a culmination of a survey by our community itself. With that said, here are our top 10 picks from the month of February to May!


    Darksiders Genesis

    Feb 14 | PS4, XBO, Switch

    The 4th installment to the Darksiders series and also a major departure from the usual 3rd person that the series was known for. This time the game plays on an isometric view much like Diablo and other similar games to that.

    The game was released back in December 2019 on PC and reviews have been pretty positive which was rather surprising considering the change to the entirety of its core gameplay.

    One might say it doing much better than its previous installment which you can read our review for it. You get to play as the 4th horsemen, Strife who wields two handguns and he will be accompanied by his younger horsemen brother, War from the first game. There is Co-op, there are skill trees to unlock and there are many demons to slay. What more can we ask for from one of our favourite horsemen game?


    Two Point Hospital

    Feb 25 | PS4, XBO, Switch

    Here is another game that was already released on the PC back in 2018. A spiritual successor to one of fan favourite “Theme” games, Theme Hospital. Developed by Two Point Studios – which consists of the previous people who made those “Theme” games, hence expect this to be another great game, in which case was already is with PC gamers singing praises for it.

    One can imagine that running a hospital is going to be stressful and boring but what if you add in some wackiness and fun humour? Two Point Hospital has those mixtures in fine unity.

    You have “8-bitten” illness which the patients are, as you expect, in 8-bit look or “Light Headed” which patients have their head transformed into a, yet again as you expect, a light bulb. Even the way you cure these diseases are fun to watch. We are very glad that this is coming to consoles and we can’t wait to bring out the medical expertise in us.



    Feb 14 | PS4

    When we hear developer Media Molecule, we will always remember the Sack Boy. The endless potential in creation in Little Big Planet is a wonder on its own but what happens if the power to “create” is taken to the next level? In comes Media Molecule’s latest project, Dreams.

    The game has been on early access since April 2019 and since then there have been a huge amount of creations that have been shared by the gaming community. What kind of creation are we talking about? If you thought you have seen everything that Little Big Planet can do, then you haven’t seen everything yet.

    There have been countless creations such as snooker, FPS games, RPGs, and huge assortment of mini-games. The creation is endless and the community is still going strong. This game actually brings in good value in igniting the creativity level in the gaming community. We are very happy that this time the game has finally come out of its beta status.


    Nioh 2

    March 13 | PS4

    Thrashing demons as a katana-wielding samurai is likely in majority of gamer’s bucket list. Team Ninja’s Nioh was a huge success and it is no surprise that a sequel is underway.

    Nioh 2 is a prequel to the previous game. You won’t be playing as William but instead you are given the liberty to create your own character. What you have experienced in the first one will be back in Nioh 2 with some returning characters couple with the fast-paced slice and dice action that many have come to love of the first one. If you love a challenge and you wish to overcome that challenge in style, Nioh 2 has what you need.


    Doom Eternal

    March 20 | PC, PS4, XBO, Stadia

    Everyone’s favourite demon-slaying marine is back. Doom Eternal is a direct sequel to 2016’s Doom which was a huge fan favourite.

    So, what is the premise of this one? Demons are back causing havoc back on earth and the silent space marine is called back into service. Sounds familiar? Well, it matters or not when you have bigger guns, more explosions and vast methods to rip demons apart up close. We definitely can’t wait to get our grubby hands on this when it releases.


    Animal Crossing New Horizons

    March 20 | Switch

    The only Switch exclusive game on the list that has caught our attention. Animal Crossing is no stranger to Nintendo fanbase. Animal Crossing is one of the well-known town sim in the gaming community whereby you pretty much “running another life”.

    The series has been around for more than 19 years and many who do not own a Nintendo console would likely have not experienced an Animal Crossing game.

    Now here is the chance since almost everyone owns Switch and what a good start when Animal Crossing’s latest release is coming to Nintendo’s arguably most popular console. This time with better-looking graphics, more stuff to do, scavenge supplies, craft items and more things to trade. Current generation gamers, you are definitely in for a treat. Oh, there is an online co-op too.


    Resident Evil 3

    April 3 | PC, PS4, XBO

    Remake games are aplenty but good ones, not so. When Resident Evil 2 was announced for a remake, there were many skepticisms. However, once the game was released, the reaction was mostly positive. Hence many wondered considering how well Capcom did justice on the remake, will they continue on? The answer is their next remake of the franchise, Resident Evil 3.

    Jill Valentine as expected takes center stage with a brand new look as well as some new additional characters that weren’t seen on the original.


    Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    April 10 | PS4

    Here is another remake that has sent the whole gaming community into a frenzy. Everyone’s beloved JRPG of the Final Fantasy series is finally coming into a reality. So far Square Enix has been consistently revealing more info about the game progressively.

    From the looks of them, we are very excited and positive that this remake will be the one for the books. Expectations are running high for this remake. It will be a make or break for the team at Square Enix hence we hope that there will be no delays.

    The game will be an episodic release format and from the trailer thus far, it seems the first episode will revolve around Midgar. Fingers crossed that nothing will be left out from the original but made better here.


    Wasteland 3

    May 19 | PC, PS4, XBO

    Fun fact: The Wasteland series paved way for another post-apocalyptic game, Fallout. There is more to that but let’s leave that for another time. The Wasteland series is an isometric strategy game that has you taking control of a group of 4 characters with varying skill sets and weapons which can be customized.

    Battle in this game is turn-based and thus it will take careful planning and proper placement to ensure victory with minimal damage sustained. Much like in Wasteland 2, there will be choice management which will be accompanied by consequences depending on the decision that was made. It is a tough game but if you love some challenge then Wasteland 3 is definitely up at that alley.


    The Last of us 2

    May 29 | PS4

    One of PlayStation’s crowning first-party game is coming back in a sequel. The Last of Us 2 continues the journey of Joel and Ellie as they continue to survive in the post-apocalyptic United States. Ellie is now 19 and it seems the game will be focusing on her more as she battles it out with more Cordycep mutants and this time a mysterious cult, The Seraphites.

    Furthermore, it seems the game will be Naughty Dog’s most mature game to date, the game will feature gore as well as sexual nudity content. That aside, we are really looking forward to this as we looking forward to seeing what more entails in the duo’s journey.


    So there you have it, the top 10 picks from our community. What are your top 10 picks? Leave us a comment at our Facebook page to let us know what we missed out or what games should have been on our list.

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