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    Play Arts Figurine : Final Fantasy XV

    Hello ! So I shared some photos of two Final Fantasy Play Arts figurines quite some time ago here and you will find photos of Ignis and Prompto figurines there . Today I will be sharing some photos of the full set of four Final Fantasy XV figurines from Play Arts and I hope you enjoy feasting your eyes on them !

    It is however worth noting that this article is not a review for the figurines, the Play Arts figurines are well known for their quality and precision in details. For those of you who pre-ordered the Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition, you will be getting a figurine of Noctis.

    The four bros of Final Fantasy XV

    The four bros from another angle

    The bro with the big assed knife/sword/blade ..Gladiolus

    The four eyed twin blade bro … Ignis

    The main character nice hairdo bro …Noctis

    The Gatsby Hairspray commercial bro … Prompto

    So there you go, the four bros of Final Fantasy XV. Setting aside the ridiculously high level of bromance chemistry in the new Final Fantasy XV, I must commend Play Arts for delivering such a fine quality figurine. I am sure by now you have noticed that the level of details are utmost impressive. If you’d look at the photo of Noctis again , you’d definitely see them .

    Check out the level of details. Simply amazing.

    This sword especially looked fantastic .

    Nice eh ?

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