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    Breaking The Ice With Lidia Sobieska Reveal As Second DLC Character For TEKKEN 8

    Hail from Poland, Bandai Namco Entertainment brings in Lidia Sobieska, The Warrior Prime Minister, as she shows you what she can do in Tekken 8 for the people of Poland.

    Updates as shared in Steam:

    This summer, the first free updates will be out, including the release of a new stage, the Seaside Resort, and introducing the Photo Mode.

    In Autumn, a brand-new story, involving Eddy Gordo, will come for free to TEKKEN 8. Additional modes, such as Ghost vs. Ghost or Online Practice are planned to be added at a later date.

    Last but not least, the Prime Minister of Poland, Lidia Sobieska, makes her return in TEKKEN 8. She will be available this summer with an early access for Character Year 1 Pass owners.

    A remminder that Tekken 8 is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.



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