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    A narrative adventure, Where the Heart Leads comes home PlayStation on July 13th

    Where the Heart Leads, a surreal narrative journey through one man’s past from the AAA veterans at Armature Studio, changes the future on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility Tuesday, July 13th.

    When husband and father Whit Anderson descends into a sinkhole to save the family dog, he unwittingly stumbles into a journey through time. Suddenly enveloped by visions of his past, present, and future, Whit discovers he can change them, altering the course of his life forever.

    Boasting thousands of choices and dozens of endings across a twisting, uplifting, gut-wrenching story, Where the Heart Leads features a 600,000-word script, rivalling five novels or the biggest AAA RPGs. Step into Whit’s life, from his childhood and teenage years to fumbling around as a young adult and reflecting on his works as an old man. Experience an entire lifetime of choices and their consequences.

    A broadcast of memorable, complicated characters fills Whit’s life with love, fear, calm, and anxiety. Grapple with difficult decisions posed by friends, family, and other loved ones. Support your brother’s passion for art or push him towards a more conventional career. Give advice to your partner or give her the space to solve her problem independently. Whit’s choices could lead him back to the wife and kids he left behind, to life unlike anything he’s ever known, or to his ruin.

    Proudly supported by the PlayStation Indies initiative, Where the Heart Leads unfolds a rich narrative tapestry of detailed, realistic writing and entrancing watercolour-style artwork. Marvel at surrealist landscapes reminiscent of dreams and their shifting realities. Explore detailed environments to find journal entries, sentimental items, and other artifacts of Whit’s past. Discover if the grass is greener, whether fate can change, and how one life orbits countless others.

    Where the Heart Leads dreams of a different life on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility on Tuesday, July 13 for $24.99.

    Game features as shared on ps4blog

    Where the Heart Leads Features:

    – Take the journey of a lifetime as Whit Anderson, an artist and would-be farmhand who retraces his steps as a child, parent, and elderly man

    – Hundreds of choices across a 600,000-word script, equal to five novels and offering virtually limitless permutations

    – Dozens of endings and hundreds of outcomes. For many choices, a consequence

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