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    PC Game Pass Celebrates One Year Anniversary In SEA

    Xbox celebrated its one-year anniversary for PC Game Pass in Southeast Asia this 19 April 2023 and here are some figures to share about the tremendous growth it had in Asia.

    • Game Pass members have doubled in Asia in the past two years
    • Most popular games in the SEA markets are Multiplayer Online Co-operative Games that are cross-platform. Some notable examples include Grounded and Sea of Thieves
    • Over 12 million achievements have been achieved by SEA Game Pass gamers
    • Malaysia has had the highest average achievements unlocked per user

    The service has continuously evolved, providing players in the region with better visuals, immersive storylines, and exciting gameplay, with new releases such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Ghostwire: Tokyo, as well as a fan-favourite Minecraft Legends. The recent partnership with Riot Games also saw Riot’s biggest games like Valorant and League of Legends unlock in-game content for PC Game Pass members. With one year of PC Game Pass behind us, we’re not slowing down. Minecraft Legends has just hit the service, offering Minecraft fans another new spin on the iconic franchise. Additionally, the future looks bright, with games like Exoprimal and Starfield further along – continuing to prove that PC Game Pass is one of the best values in gaming.

    In addition, they are constantly finding ways to spread the joy of gaming. In lieu of that, they recently announced the Xbox Game Pass friend invitation for current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members to give friends a 14-day PC Game Pass trial. This trial comes with all the benefits of PC Game Pass including Day One titles from Xbox Game Studios, hundreds of high-quality PC games, EA play membership, and more. The love for gaming should be shared with others and Xbox is committed to making gaming fun and accessible.

    Beyond an expansive PC Game Pass library, Xbox is launching the Xbox Wireless Controllers in SEA as part of its commitment to improve the gameplay experience for its Southeast Asian players. The launch of the Xbox Wireless Controllers will give players new ways to play the latest PC Game Pass games. The controllers are being launched for the first time in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with new colours in Thailand and Vietnam, expanding their accessories catalogue. This allows players to customize their gaming setup and adapt the controller to match their personal style – gaming in style.

    “We’ve come a long way since we launched the PC Game Pass in SEA a year ago – this one-year anniversary is a celebration of all the support that Xbox has received from our SEA players. We are at the forefront of the world’s most exciting art form and games are truly powerful in connecting people across borders, languages, and different cultures. Our work only comes to life because of the joy that our players experience and here in Southeast Asia, you have made our passion even stronger. We remain committed to improving your gaming experience here in the region and this is why we are so excited to bring in new accessories to the region and to continue making great games available with PC Game Pass. Beyond that, we are also committed to supporting local SEA developers through our ID@Xbox program. We want to empower gaming developers to create games that are local and unique to their culture.”

    Jeremy Hinton, Asia Business Director, Xbox

    Xbox is delighted to see such a vibrant gaming community in Southeast Asia and we look forward to growing with the gaming community in the years to come.

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