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    Overpowered street soccer madness in Super Kickers League, making its way to the PC, Playstation 4 and Switch!

    With the collaboration work between publisher Just For Games and devs Xaloc Studios, comes the release of Super Kickers League Ultimate, a street soccer game with its unique traits. Check out the trailer below:

    Super Kickers League allows you to play some crazy, 3 on 3 football matches, where your goal is to best your opponents in the scoring department. Each team will have their own unique ability. The “Teams” mode is played with a single special ability per team, while in “Kickers” mode, you form a team of captains and combine their different abilities, turning the pitch into a real battlefield. With a “Retro” mode made available for the game, you can turn back the clock and relive a much more “classic” format, with an orthographic camera and pixel-art graphics that are sure to bring you back.

    Super Kickers League Ultimate’s Features:

    • The Ultimate Edition includes both DLCs: Discover “Goths & Vampires” and “Vikings & Valkyries”: new teams, new fields, and always more fun!
    • Local multiplayer up to 6 players on Nintendo Switch and 4 on PS4 and PC. You can also use the Remote Play Control function to play online with your friends on Steam!
    • Unlockable content
    • Different trophies and competitions
    • 14 different teams with unique special skills!
    • 4 cameras: Chose the camera you want to see the action in the game.
    • Kickers Mode: Play with 3 captains to get many powers while you play!
    • Team Mode: Play with your favourite team and use your captain’s power to win the match!
    • Retro Mode: Pixel and Football are all together! Feel the 90’s vibes in this retro mode!

    The Ultimate version of Super Kickers League will include the base game and two awesome DLCs which include new teams and new maps: “Goths & Vampires” and “Vikings & Valkyries”. The game is out now for the PC Via Steam, Playstation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

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